Family Faith Formation or “catechesis” is not just for children or teens. As an esteemed term in Christian tradition its purpose is to make a person’s “faith become living, conscious and active, through the light of instruction.” It is a lifelong process for the individual and a constant and concerted pastoral activity of the Christian community.

At Sacred Heart religious education is part of a “Whole Parish Catechesis” program for Faith Formation. It includes parents and children and meets monthly in conjunction with Sunday Mass. Families interested in participating in Sacred Heart’s religious education program must register each year with the parish. All adults are also welcome to attend the parent/adult session.

Family Faith Formation Coordinators

Bill & Torie Wattendorf – 518-668-2046 ext. 12


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*Note: Once you click the Pay Now button the payment processor will open in a new tab. Scroll down toward the bottom where a drop down menu reads “Choose One“. Click on the “Choose One” menu and select “Faith Formation“. The $75.00 fee will automatically appear in your total and you can then complete the payment.