Pastoral Council

The primary responsibility of the Council is pastoral planning. This process envisions, addresses and evaluates the needs and goals of the parish community in light of Church teaching and the mission of the local and larger Church. This responsibility calls forth the gifts of planning, visioning, empowering and evaluating and requires a belief in the concept of shared leadership among the clergy and the laity.


At Sacred Heart a number of committees provide consultative support to the Pastor in the administration of Parish finances, infrastructure and technological needs. These committees are comprised of parishioners and members who have experience, training and background in a corresponding field. If you are interested in offering your skills and abilities to one of these committees please contact the coordinator for more information.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consists of a small group of individuals, with financial experience, who meet on a quarterly or as needed basis to oversee the general finances of the Church and to plan the annual budget. The Pastor selects members of this Committee with input from the Finance Committee Chair. If you would like to be a part of this ministry, please contact the Pastor or Committee Chair.

Building & Grounds Committee

This ministry oversees the maintenance and upkeep of all parish structures, insuring that they are kept clean, safe and structurally sound.  In the event that one or more of the structures are in need of a major repair or renovation, the Committee oversees that the necessary repair(s) are completed in a timely fashion and as economically as possibly.  The committee meets quarterly (or more, as needed).  Volunteers with good working knowledge of construction, plumbing and electrical are best suited for this ministry.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee provides consultative support and assistance to the Pastor and Pastoral Council regarding the technological needs of Sacred Heart. The objective of the committee is to explore, evaluate, implement, monitor, and support new and existing technology, and to make recommendations for improvements or changes. The committee maintains a cohesive direction which matches the ongoing and changing needs of the Parish with the available resources. The committee operates in accordance with the Diocesan Technology Policy and the Social Media Use Policy set forth by the Diocese of Albany.

Areas of support include the Parish web site, social media pages, computer hardware & software maintenance, office equipment, networking initiatives and operation of audiovisual equipment. This ministry also lends it’s members and resources to other Parish committees and ministries in need of technological support. Parishioners with experience in web design, photography, videography, computer hardware engineering or computer networking solutions are encouraged to contact the committee coordinator. This committee meets on an as needed basis.