Our annual Seminarian Dinner to support Seminarian Matthew Houle will take place on Saturday, October 22nd at 6pm in the Parish Center. The menu includes baked ziti, meatballs, salad, cake (from the LG Baking Company) and ice cream.

Cost: $10 per person

All proceeds go directly to Seminarian Matt to help with his expenses. Donations cheerfully accepted on his behalf!

Matt has been in constant contact with our Knights, through emails, shared prayers and good thoughts. Following is from Matt to share a part of his journey with us…

Dear Friends,

Just to update you on how things are going; I am currently on a “Pastoral year.”  It is a part of our seminary formation where we spend a year in a parish and get a real feel for parish life.  I have been at All Saints on the Hudson Parish in Mechanicville and Stillwater since last March and I will return to seminary this January, just short of a year.  It has been a great experience.  I have really been able to get involved in the parish.  I have visited people, prayed with people, and attended Masses, prayer services, celebrations, and memorials.  This summer, I had the privilege of attending “World Youth Day” in Poland with a group from our Diocese.  What an incredible experience!  I am very grateful for all of the wonderful experiences on this pastoral year and I continue to be grateful to everyone at Sacred Heart Parish for all of your prayers and support. God Bless